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This moving image piece emerged from a dialogue with conservationists working as part of Trees for Life. Inspired by the work they do, I went to stay on their Dundreggan conservation estate in the Scottish highlands and began filming and recording within remnants of the Caledonian Forest. 


Made using microscope, microphones, camera, contact mics, inductors, and bio-sensors, Entanglement is the result of a process of observing, listening, experimenting, and documenting; piecing together small snapshots of some of the complex and unseen processes and relationships which together form a landscape.

Intended for presentation as a multi-screen, multi-speaker installation piece.

Trees for Life is a charity working to restore Scotland's Caledonian Forest. Our vision is to restore natural forests and rare wildlife to a spectacular wilderness region of the Scottish Highlands, including our 10,000 acre Dundreggan Conservation Estate.

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