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I’m an artist, maker and musician based in Glasgow, Scotland. My work spans film and moving image, live audio and visual performance, composition and improvisation; exploring ways in which the  characteristics of technology can be exploited in order to express aspects of our experience and our relationships with the natural world.

Through my practice I seek new ways to listen to or capture something of my environment. I do this by exploiting sometimes inadvertent possibilities of existing technology or making and developing new technologies that enable me to gain insight into environmental processes taking place. My work often highlights and explores activity at both the edges of human perception and also at the limits of the technologies which are used.


Using methods including video projection and multi-channel audio I present unfamiliar portraits of environmental processes and create immersive experiences for the audience. In presentation I aim to share simple works that highlight complexity, and which are capable of shifting perception of the world in which we live.

My works - both as a solo artist and through collaborations - have been presented in galleries, music venues, on the radio and online. Recent works include; collaborating as sound artist as part of Breath Pieces a hybrid artwork by choreographer Rosanna Irvine which was commissioned by Tramway; |’saund| a solo audio-visual piece performed at the CCA as part of Cryptic Nights; Playing A Radio With A Radio On The Radio a composition for broadcast presented as part Radiophrenia's annual art radio festival. I also perform regularly within Glasgow as part of the improvisation collective Soup, Zuppa and as Glasgow’s ambassador for Powwow, an online community of sound artists.

Since spring 2017 I have been working with Instruo alongside sound designer Jason H. J. Lim and sound artist Sebastian Lexer designing and building electronic instruments used in galleries and music venues around the world. Recent projects include the Scion a bio-feedback module allowing performers to interact with plants and living things; used by artists including Scanner, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe and Marcus Fischer.

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